July is Free Book Month, 8th Offering

July 29st to August 2nd, Grandmother and the Fairy Princess is Free! Yes! Free! During Nonna’s recent trials under the hands of the Neo-technics, she began to recall her past.  The is her story from her viewpoint.



July is Free Book Month, 7th Offering

July 25st to the 29th, Voices of Passage is Free! Yes! Free! With her brother, Jamel off on an unknown adventure with Toke and her brother, Domic still in Fresno with Sharri dealing with the wolf hybrids, Kaniko, Tomiroc, and Mathias head for the middle of the continent to rescue her cousin, Nonna.

VOP Cover1

July is Free Book Month, 5th Offering

July 17th to the 21st, Rites of Passage is Free! Yes! Free! Perseus and Dutchess’ kids have reached adulthood and are headed out into the world.  Kaniko befriends a newcomer to the forest and together they leave to locate his origins. Trouble in the nearby city awaits them. What happens, will change them forever.

ROPcover 10.29.17

July is Free Book Month, 4th Offering

July 13th to the 17th, The Caged is Free! Yes! Free! Nonna is a girl of 12 or 13 and a slave.  She once was a normal little girl with little girl dreams of fairies, cakes, and ice cream.  But her reality is completely different. She never expected to live long or fall in love. Till one day, that all changed and she was bought by a man from her abusive handler.   This is not a book for the faint of heart.