NonnaCover5jpgToday I saw a question about, “Who is your favorite villain?” And immediately I came up with two characters. 1st, Jack Nicholson’s character, the Joker from Batman with Michael Keaton. The 2nd was one of my own characters, Robert Polonius (Pol) from The Caged. He is an organized crime boss that lives in the future dystopian city of San Francisco, where he runs one of the most influential crime organizations. He also is a petite fille. But everything falls apart when he falls in love with his last 13-year-old victim, Nonna. It is a story that will wrench your heart and test your conscious. It is available at Amazon,  Barnes&Noble Nook,  Google Books, and Kobo.


Feeding the Good Wolf

Through The Looking LakeA dear friend of mine, speaks often about the wolf in each of us. That this wolf has two sides to him. The bad wolf and the good wolf. The tale is that when we think bad thoughts, we are feeding the bad wolf and if you feed the bad wolf too much, he will come out of you and consume you. So it goes without saying that you should feed the good wolf often and the bad less often. Show me your good wolf. This artist mirrors this in this fantastic piece.